The school curriculam is well conceived and formulated for each level of learning . The physiological , intellectual, emotional aesthetic and spiritual growth of the child receive the top priority when the curriculam is planned.

Individual and social needs of the child are given due to attention PRE-KG : The curriculam at this level includes basic language skill and first hand experiance which help in developing muscular co-ordination, sensory training personal health activities and social skills. Students are taught toilet habits and to keep themselves clean.

They are taken out for natuer walk frequently where they observe plants, animals, birds which provide base for scientific experiance . They are made to taste different varities of food such as sweet , sour, bitter, spicy , hot etc

LKG to UKG monsessori apparatus, phonic, drill, play, way arithmatic, life skill based, curricular soft skill learning creative work, Tamil / Hindi singing , colouring , storytelling, nature talk, health talk, art and craft, games, conversation, fun filled cum learning activities like play, water play, brushing the teeth, selting the table for break fast etc... form a desirable part of curriculam while three R's reading , arithmatic and writing are introduced at this stage. Field trips are also planned to break the monotony of class room atmosphere